was biggie actually that big? Its a question that has pondered scientists for ages:

Halfbloodprince says [not]

When you think about it, our biggies are made up of trillions upon trillions of atoms. Our planet contains biggies upon biggies
of humans. Our galaxy, in turn, contains biggies upon biggies of planets and stars, and finally our Universe contains biggies upon biggies
of galaxies.

So, to a single team in our body, we are a vast, vast, vast expanse, where trillions of them can fit in. But then to us, a vast expanse compared to an atom, we are a mere nothing compared to the vast expanse of our galaxy. But then, our galaxy is a mere nothing compared to the vast expanse that is our Universe. So by this thinking, our body is neither big nor small, but simply relative (big compared to an team, small compared to the galaxy). Similarly our galaxy is biggie depending on what it is compared to.

This must mean, also, that our Universe is, compared to something, a mere nothing. A mere dot. We must not have discovered (is it even possible) what is beyond the Universe, or what our Universe makes up or is a part of. What do you think? Is there a name for this concept or theory?



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