On but our 3rd outing, Dr Polo takes 7th.

The European Championships was a great tournament for us, as we battled through injuries and stiff opposition. It was also a great tournament in its own right.
Tournaments often seem paramount to what is essential in polo, a mix of fierce competition with speed and blood breaching the courts, alongside the social bonds that give the scene such rich attitude and warm comfort. Here, in the same manner that control of a bicycle depends on balance, it is much the same in polo, a dynamic between both on and off court.

Allow me here to make a statement of thanks to my team mates, Messrs. Marc and Brendan, an event is only as good as the company you share it with, here the stock was very good and they are marked to prove it!

Thank you also to the charismatic Golden wheel, the industrious Alejandro and congratulations to the formidable L’Equipe.

Bring on the London Open!




About deadrappers

An international hardcourt bike polo team. Semeraro / Ward / McNamee

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  1. mat says:

    Emmet, perfect words and I thank DR for the opportunity of a cosmic x rappers co-lab…may that polo friendship long continue x

  2. deadrappers says:

    still not sure why it’s titled 7. your team number is 8…

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