The London Open this year was played in Hackney downs. It felt like a little polo festival. In the middle of the park it was very easy to forget the big smoke and simply soak up the games and vibes. Nice to see so many teams mix it up, it really added to the vibe that there were teams of players who had played against each other in the past and came together to play with each other because their regular 3’s were not available. The same went for us, wit Marc still out injured from Barca, we opted for Jacob from copenhagen. It was a real pleasure to play together. We came 7th out of 52 and Emmet received a well earned MVP prize. Huge thanks to Jono Marshall for the organization. A stunning achievement and done without letting us know or feel he was ever stressed.

Full results:

Ok, le’s hash this out then:

1st: Supersonic, Frankfurt/Geneva
2nd: Call Me Daddy, Grenoble
3rd: Cosmic, London
4th Nice Touch, London
=5th: Spring Break, London
=5th: Hooks, Rouen
=7th: Monkey Punch, Karlsruhe/Berlin/Hannover
=7th: Dead Rappers, London
=9th: Netto, Manchester
=9th: Rotten Manguis, Barcelona/Bordeaux
=9th: Zombie Uprising, London
=9th: Rakete, Berlin
=13th: Simon Says, Antwerp
=13th: Dans Te Goal Pique, London
=13th: BCF, Mixed
=13th: Blackjack, Paris/Munich/Berlin
=17th: Hacked Off, Bristol
=17th: Les Mouettes Sauvages, France/Brisbane
=17th: Thor, Cambridge
=17th: Tornadoes, London/Dresden
=17th: Electric Cream, Cambridge
=17th: Dam Cosmic, Amsterdam
=17th: Peinture French, Paris
=17th: Panthers, Venice
=25th: Polo Erectus, Manchester
=25th: Asbo, Manchester
=25th: Broken Legs, Rouen
=25th: Acapolo, Brighton
=25th: Tour de Court, Dublin
=25th: TNT, London
=25th: Team Warin, Brighton
=25th: La Bagarre, Brussels
=33rd: Frogs, Rouen
=33rd: Ill Pigs, Birmigham
=33rd: Soyo Polo Co, Sheffield
=33rd: Dogma or Pie, London

Ones to watch tournament:
1st: Guns at a knife fight, Paris
2nd: Poloskipoles, Poland/London
3rd: Les Pea Cocks, London


About deadrappers

An international hardcourt bike polo team. Semeraro / Ward / McNamee

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