Two of the rappers. Brendan and Marc are going to Nigeria along with 6 other players. Adam and Jono from spring break, Rupert from Cosmic, Bill and Mrak formerly Degeneration, to deliver 20 14bikeco polo bikes, build them, and show the folks how to ride them. The resort is looking to bring bike polo back to its roots and make polo more accesible to those without horses a la RJ McCreedy. More pictures and reports when were back.



About deadrappers

An international hardcourt bike polo team. Semeraro / Ward / McNamee

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  1. Rich says:

    This is very interesting, is the idea to introduce the sport on grass/dirt as opposed to hardcourt? How was this inspired? Will there be and bike vs horse as the image suggests?

    • deadrappers says:

      there won’t be bike vs horse. that is a photo of marc by cedric viollet. The sport started on grass / dirt so we are going back to the roots as it were with an eye on interesting people in hardcourt.

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