Marc and Dodici finally manage to create a bikepolo frame.Based on his specs, the frame is pretty close from expectations.
The grey frame you might have seen in Barcelona at the Euros, was slightly modified, in order to be equiped with 26′ wheels. The polo club 3 might look “too much” with its colored details, but seems to be pretty officient.
Recovered from his back injury, and his Negerian worm up, Marc recently had a first try and was pretty amazed by the bike’s reactivity. 26′ wheels was a good choice for this big boy. Aluminium offers a light and rigid bike. Let’s hope it won’t snap…

Mounted with BLB components and Velocity rims, it’s all good !

About deadrappers

An international hardcourt bike polo team. Semeraro / Ward / McNamee

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  1. Daniel says:

    Hy is there anybody who can tell me where i can buy it??? Please write to my E-Mail:


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