Cambridge is the first and only bike polo club in the UK in my opinion. They are a club house not a warehouse, they pay their subs / dues and they have a space that unifies and focuses all of their considerable talent. it is a great place to go play polo, amazing hosts, great town, mellow pubs near by and a challenging surface.

Quite frankly when people complain about ‘slippy’ courts you just have to watch Luca play in cambridge and you realise your just not good enough. Luca is so at ease pushing the envelope on that surface its an inspiration to players everywhere. Against Brighton i saw him close down an attacker, slide the ball away and as everyone around him spread left and right and raced down the other end (the end they were facing) he hit his front brake, pivoted 180, rolled backwards waited for the boards to ‘bump’ him forwards and cranked after them all. It was like watching a swimmer tumble turn when everyone else was breaking the surface to breathe and turnaround, Effortless and envy making.

As far as London’s progress goes, We played with 6 court players and an injured coach (James Black).

The players: James (coach)

Jono Marshall

Bill Chidley

Josh Cohen

Dave Tappy

John Hayes

Brendan McNamee

I enjoyed playing with these guys so much, the encouragement from the court and the bench and the beers and giggles throughout the weekend stored deep in my polo pouch. We lost two games all weekend, the group game against cambridge A* 12 -10. And we were reeling them in in the last five minutes. At one point they were 7-1 up. And the final 12-11. I scored on three seconds left of a non stopping clock to bring the margin as close as it could be. Again we were reeling them in and we rued the decision to go with 40 minutes instead of 60.

Jono and Josh and I playing the last 10 minutes together in a adrenalin pumping, physical game that has us score 4 goals in 2 minutes. The cambridge boys know that court inside out and it felt really good for us tarmac players to adapt so quickly and bring the game so close.

It was a pleasure to play hard against Boagey and Luca two of my team mates. A little bit of polo history was left in cambridge too, i wagered my BAD polo hoody on the game with Josh the A team captain. I can’t think of a better caretaker for history.

Here are some photos i ‘found’ on my camera from the pub.


About deadrappers

An international hardcourt bike polo team. Semeraro / Ward / McNamee

3 responses »

  1. EW says:

    Nice write up B.
    Sad not to have been there with you guys.
    Should have come with a dublin team so that we could all battle it out +

  2. Jono says:

    Very nice B, was a pleasure playing with you!

  3. bogey says:

    Nice! Bbbam!

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