We will be doing mallet reviews soon, talking about the variations of mallets we have and which one is our favorite etc. this is the First review. Here is one of Luca’s mallets:

Pole – 2012 Perro Del Mallet

Head – 100mm RV capped head

Grip – Bronty golf club grip

Fixing method – Nyloc nut in shaft, countersunk bolt through bottom of head

I have had this mallet for just under two months now, i originally built it up for the Bristol NS event but i didnt really like it at first. It was slightly heavier than my other mallets because of the grip (i used to use hockey tape) I also could not get used to the grip as at first it hurt my wrists slightly and felt too bulky. i started using this mallet all the time late march just before the regional bench minor and i learnt to love it. not too heavy but not super lightweight, the grip + the fact the head is very small means you can really power the shots accurately.

This grip is great, i am so happy I made the move over from hockey tape. some of the good things about it include the fact that it has its own top cap which covers the end of the shaft. however i did still use the cap that came with the shaft underneath in order to prevent the shaft ripping through the grip. the top feels really sturdy and completely absorbs all shock given through shooting. Another reason i love this grip is the fact it is not fully round and has one flat side. i set the flat side to be slightly to the left of the cap, so i always know what side the cap is (i never really struggled finding the capped side but it still helps) and also it puts your hand in the most efficient position for shooting.

However this grip was a mission to fit, i used lots of hairspray and a long kitchen utensil that would go all the way down the grip. It is very rough on the hands but definitely worth it, once on this grip is not moving. i also glazed the grip with honey to make it a bit more grippy. (yes you read that correctly) next time i will put the grip in boiling water which ive heard loosens it up and makes it easier to fit.

This head is 100mm long and was made by Harvey of Cambridge. (they are super cheap at £7.50) i like this head, and i didnt drill it out for a while (it made an awesome noise when shooting). But i then realised that having a light mallet would benefit me, so i drilled 5 holes in cap and 4 on the head at the side.  I do really like this head but i call this mallet my ‘passing and shooting’ mallet because i struggle to dribble with it fluently and as quickly as i do with my 3pmh mallet. and dribbling smoothly and around your own wheels can be key in beating some of the best teams. but i know this problem is caused by the fact this head is only 100mm long. so i will be moving to a longer head soon. 115mm sounds good.


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