Nice report From Cambridge getinwild Josh, from last weekends league game.

Killer Bee’s VS Chukkers Fuckers

Game started at 11.35am

Shaun 4.30
Chukker 7.41
Bogey 9.19
Mayeut 10.12 
OG Shaun 13.15
B 14.36 
Bogey 17.39
Chukker 18.39
Chukker 22.37
Bogey 24.49
Bogey 25.48
Todd 28.56
——Half time——–
Bogey 00.11
mayeut 2.15
Todd 3.30
Todd 5.49
Bogey 6.41
B 7.39
B 8.49
B 11.00
Shaun 18.02
Todd 19.20
Bogey 21.23
Shaun 25.15
Bogey 28.00
Todd 28.47
Todd 29.18

Final score- Killer Bee’s 15 – 12 Chukkers Fuckers.

A classic battle of two heroic teams…….Both teams came out strong and as the timings show it was tight at the start with the Bee’s taking their time to find a rhythm and the fuckers taking advantage of that getting a couple of early goals and holding the bee’s off. The bee’s then started to pull back but the fuckers where not giving it up easily, it was a super tight first half with both teams playing really tight and well structured polo. 

the second half started off much the way of the first, the fuckers holding the game well, but the bee’s continued to battle and started to really take control, then Brendan came out hard and slotted goal after goal giving the bees a two goal lead, so the fuckers countered that and pushed hard looking for the goals and building the play, but the bee’s had it on lock down and made some great breaks and slotted the goals away to create a solid lead that they worked hard to get. The Fuckers never gave up the game though, they worked hard the whole time and the last minute and a half was some of the most intense polo i have seen in a while, some really great play that on a different day might have lead to some fantastic goals.

I have to say everyone played really well and its was a great game to watch, special mention goes to Jakob who seems to be getting better every game he plays, although my MVP for the game was Local Cambridge legend Bogey, he has such good hustle and scored some great goals despite the fact he was wearing his girlfriends pyjamas.


About deadrappers

An international hardcourt bike polo team. Semeraro / Ward / McNamee

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